Shark Tank India Stats

Shark Tank India fetches and displays all information about brands and investments they got on shark tank india. It also has api for all the information visible on the site. Built Using NextJS

Meesho Labels Scrapper

Desktop App to scrape data from Meesho Shipping Labels & update that data to google sheets for easy tracking of shipped orders

GHG India

Created custom elementor widgets combined with Highcharts & Highmaps for data visualisations.

Credai Nagpur Metro

Designed Credai Nagpur Metro Website in Figma. Also implemented the frontend for the website using Vanilla HTML, CSS and JavaScript for faster and leaner load times. Has a Google PageSpeed score of 95+.

Tea Station Project

A Practice Project made to help me better understand the basic concepts of HTML and CSS. No display flex or grid property is used to create this project.